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Top Five Tips: SEO

1 – Register with Google

The more legitimate your website seems to Google the more likely you’ll grow up the search results. The quicker you can get up the search results the quicker you’ll gain more traffic. The reason for this is pretty simple, when you register the website to Google you’re essentially adding yourself to a massive database of websites.

2 – Post New Content Regularly

By posting unique and individual content on your website it demonstrates that your site is legitimate. This bumps the site up the rankings very quickly assuming the content is unique and not plagiarised. Google is looking for new content that people will be interested in rather than boring old companies with big budgets.

3 – Make your website Title’s, Descriptions and Keywords match your content theme

Google will be indexing your website to understand the content that you post in order to make a judgment on where it should be positioned on the search results. It’s very important that you make the content unique and relevant to your website in order for it to help you grow up the search results.

4 – Make everyone like it

To build up on Search Engine Optimization you need to promote your content. The best way to do this is via a social media channel. Social Media is your biggest backlink available to date, by having a dedicated social media page for your business it makes it very easy to post your new blog entry to a group of people who will find the content interesting.

5 – Understand who’s searching for what

Whatever your website is about you need to consider how people found it and what they’re interested in, for example if you’re opening a local cafe and want to attract local customers remember to include descriptions that are relevant to your business. By fine-tuning your website to fit what people are searching for you’re more likely to get more hits.