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Top Five Tips: Using Google Tools to improve search traffic

1 – Google Analytics

The world’s best tool for analysis traffic, Google Analytics offers a simple but very effective free tool to understand what traffic is being directed to your website. Not only can you see where users are finding your website from you can see the location, device and time spent on your site. This data is essential if you’re interested in improving website traffic.

2 – Google PageSpeed Insights

Testing the speed of your website is a massively helpful tool when it comes to improving search traffic. If you’ve ever been tried to access a website that’s incredibly slow the chances are you’re likely to give up. This is why it’s very important to test the speed of your site using official tools.

3 – YouTube

Since Google Owns YouTube it only makes sense to use it as a tool to increase your online presents further. Even if you make a YouTube channel just to be a holding page it’ll demonstrate your business is active and trading.

4 – Webmaster Tools 

The webmaster is they a most essential tool for building up a steady stream of search traffic. One of the most important factors when it comes to gaining a good stream of search traffic is making a site that’s built around the content being posted. Webmaster allows you to understand what points from a technical point of view can be improved on. This can include robots.txt, crawl errors, fetching issues etc. These tools are truly essential when it comes to gaining search traffic because if the website is slow to fetch users won’t be viewing the content.

5 – Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great tool when it comes to understanding current trends and topics. This is incredibly helpful when it comes to writing blog content that’s relevant to your website. Google Alerts will email you when a new trending topic relevant to your website comes up. This means as the topic becomes trending you can easily get on the trending status of the content.