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Ecommerce services

Specialist ecommerce and web development services from the experts.

Shopify Experts

Technology specialists

We specialise in ecommerce and web development technology. Here’s a summary of our services.

Shopify ecommerce design & development

Shopify ecommerce design & development

Expert level development and support for the world’s most popular ecommerce platform.

Shopify ecommerce design & development for coffee roasters

Shopify Ecommerce for coffee roasters

Shopify design & build for coffee roasters from the experts

Support & support plans

Support & support plans

Peace of mind support plans to fit all organisations. You’re in good hands. 

Shopify for startups

Shopify for startups

Shopify is brilliant for ambitious startups. We have special services for you.

Shopify apps

Shopify apps

We develop Shopify apps available on the app store.

Tank Museum Shop Shopify

Shopify e-commerce design & development

Shopify is our key area of expertise, having built and maintained successful Shopify and Shopify Plus ecommerce sites for startups, large businesses and not for profit organisations. 

As certified Shopify Experts, our association runs deep having developed Shopify apps listed in the app store and being actively involved in the community.

  • Shopify migration

  • App evaluation and implementation

  • Startup MVPs

  • Shopify theme development

  • Design and wireframing

  • Conversion rate optimisation

  • Internationalisation

  • Shopify Plus

  • App development

Support & support plans

Need emergency support? Give us a call. Need ongoing support? Our solid support plans could give you the peace of mind that everything is being looked after by an expert.

  • WordPress & Shopify

  • Peace of mind plans to fit all organisations

  • Solve technical problems

  • Priority access to professional developers

  • CMS & plugin updates

  • Outage help

  • Security monitoring

  • Content changes

  • Theme styling

  • Speeding up a slow running site

Product page Wood Street Coffee Shopify Migration

Shopify Ecommerce for coffee roasters

Absolutely everything you need to sell your beans (or ground coffee, equipment or merch) online using our tried and tested process.

Shopify for startups

We love startups, we love Shopify and most of all, we love taking startups to the next level with Shopify.

If you’re just starting out, we can get you selling online with all the best practices to give you the best opportunities for growth, all within budget.

Equally, if you’ve already started your journey with Shopify and need experts on hand to really push the boundaries, then we’ve got a proven track record for doing just that.

  • MVP design and build – get your product tested and validated

  • Support network – we can introduce you to the right people

  • Growth consultancy & strategy development

Shopify apps

Our work with our clients gives us invaluable insights in to everyday problems and inefficiencies faced by merchants.

Find out more about our apps:

Any Questions?

Can you work with my current website?

Absolutely. We do this often and it’s one of our key strengths.

While some will stay away from a legacy site they didn’t build, we love working with existing sites and helping you to get the most from it.

What about all the other stuff like digital marketing?

We do on-site marketing including email marketing. Basically, we work to get more from your existing customers.

Paid ads, SEO, UX and all the rest are highly skilled disciplines. It’s impossible to be brilliant at all of them. We concentrate on just being the best we can at building amazing ecommerce sites and we work with our super partners to bring the other skills required.

Can you provide hosting for my website?

For complex and/or business critical websites where high availability and 24 hour proactive support is required, we always recommend our clients use a specialist host and often recommend our partners at Scholar Web Services.

For non-business critical websites then we have our own high speed hosting but unfortunately we cannot offer 24 hour support.

How do you know Shopify is the right platforms for me?

We don’t, yet.

That’s why we take time to understand your business and requirements. If there’s a better platform for you then we’ll tell you, even if it means we’re not able to do the project for you.

Do you work with any other platforms?

We also have strong skills in WordPress and work with many clients on this flexible platform.

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