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Keeping Inspected’s product launches as smooth as their velvet lined tracksuits

A creative collective attempting to push boundaries within music, fashion and art.

Inspected started life as the widely acclaimed record label and youtube channel, InspectorDubplate. Now releasing music and fashion through the Inspected Brand, Inspected came to us, for the second time, to refresh their Shopify store.

The brief was quite simply to create a new ecommerce site that looks like an ecommerce site while maintaining Inspected’s design philosophy.

Previously, Inspected were using a completely bespoke theme which looked great. However, being slightly unconventional we needed to bring some familiarity to customers to make the site more usable and help increase conversions. The old theme also made it difficult for the team at Inspected to make in-house changes. So, with the rebuild we used Shopify Online Store 2.0 to give the team full flexibility to make ongoing changes without further bespoke developments or tricky processes.

Streamlined customer journeys

We added a slick variant selector allowing customers to select sizes and add to the cart straight from the collection pages.

A popup cart means we cut an unnecessary journey to the cart page before making a purchase. Customers can hop straight to the checkout and make their purchase.

An effortless filter was built to help customers find products quickly and easily. In fact customers can find the right product and add their size to the cart all from one page.

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    Ongoing support and hand holding

“We’ve worked with a few Shopify developers over the years but I’ve got to say, these guys are the best in the business. They totally understood what we’re about and got things turned around quickly, in time for a crucial new product launch.”
Ryan Leech – Artistic Director, Inspected

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