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Solo Coffee

A hot website for delicious cold brew coffee

The Solo Coffee website project was bang on our sweet spot.

They had a great design, an incredible product and a huge ambition for growth. They just needed some Shopify experts to turn this around into a brilliant Shopify store. Enter JD Ecommerce.

Within a near impossible time frame we turned around a truly unique and beautiful ecommerce store with a really neat Recharge subscription integration that works effortlessly on the site.

We built a super flexible theme that allows Solo to brilliantly present their products with videos, high resolution imagery and recipe ideas for their amazingly unique product.

Customers also get the chance to upgrade their purchases to a subscription, even after they’ve added to the basket, with an effective “subscribe and save” button right in the pop out cart.

  • Industry

    Food & drink

  • Services

    Bespoke theme development
    Ongoing support and hand holding

“Online presence is more important than ever especially if you’re selling a product. So do yourself a favour and get a REAL Shopify expert to build your site. It seems that everyone and their dog is a Shopify expert according to Linkedin. So it’s hard to work out who genuinely is. Here’s my recommendation… JD”
Theo Garcia – Co-founder and CMO at Solo

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