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Shopify for startups

Shopify is brilliant for ambitious startups. We have special services for you.

Shopify for startups

“Online presence is more important than ever especially if you’re selling a product. So do yourself a favour and get a REAL Shopify expert to build your site. It seems that everyone and their dog is a Shopify expert according to LinkedIn. So it’s hard to work out who genuinely is. Here’s my recommendation… JD”

Theo Gracia, Co-founder & CMO – Solo Coffee

Power your growth with Shopify

Shopify is so flipping easy to use that anyone can start selling online. So, you might be wondering why you even need to work with an agency. Well, you might not. But there’s some very good reasons why you might…

General hand holding

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Shopify pro on the end of your phone when you can’t work out how to set a product up in a certain way or you don’t know the best app to use for a particular task? Well now you can!

Support network

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients. We hook clients up with each other who could benefit from a collaboration and we have a network of partners who can help with all aspects of your startup growth.

Theme design & development

There’s some really decent off the shelf themes for Shopify. However, do you want your site to look like everyone else’s? Perhaps you have an exact design in mind you need turning in to a Shopify theme.


Taxes, shipping, duties, the B word – selling overseas can be a minefield if you’ve not done it before.

Bespoke development

Shopify’s mantra is to build for 80% of users and the remaining 20% called be fulfilled by partners. Shopify can’t do everything and if there’s something you need to do that Shopify can’t, we can develop it for you.

Test your idea quickly with an MVP

Using Shopify, we can get your idea off the ground quickly with a minimum viable product. Use feedback and data rather than guesswork to plan your next move.

Shopify Experts

Some of the things we’ve helped startups do

Shopify MVP for startup

MVP questionnaire for dog food

A startup dog food company came to us wanting to recommend products to their customers based on responses to a questionnaire.

We quickly built a questionnaire with TypeForm and then customised a special Shopify product page to receive the response and recommend a product for immediate purchase.

Ticket system for events company

Did you ever think you could sell tickets with Shopify?

Using the fantastic Order Printer Pro app developed by our friends at Forsberg+two, we configured Shopify to send out automatically generated pdf tickets to customers complete with QR codes.

Bespoke Shopify theme developmen

Bespoke theme to exact design

Solo Coffee have a rather fantastic in-house designer by the name of Finn. They wanted a Shopify store built to Finn’s exact design.

We smashed it. We also anticipated updates they might want to make in the future so we built the theme to be flexible enough for Solo to make their own edits.


How JD Ecommerce helped Wood St Coffee Migrate to Shopify and Improve their Online Experience
  • Shopify theme design
  • Shopify migration
  • Squarespace subscriptions to Shopify/Recharge migration
  • Website audit
  • SEO preservation audit

Solo Coffee

A hot website for delicious cold brew coffee
  • Shopify development
  • Completely bespoke theme
  • Subscription service integration

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